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Manju Foundation - Educational Award ceremony on 1st July 2016: Venue: PN Namboothiri Seminar Hall, Time: 1.30 pm
Conducting an Archaeological Exhibition on 1st July 2016.

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  •  A well maintained department library.
  • One smart room with ICT facility.
  • Heritage Museum


Department Library

One of the key priorities of the Dept. of History is that we maintain a library of our own that would facilitates learning. The library has various journals and books on history; which helps expose the students to recent developments and writing in this area. In addition, computer facilities enable ongoing research for students’ and did it proud as achieved.


The Department of History also maintains an archaeological museum under its aegis. Among the collection are a sizable number of coins that belong to various historical periods and other articles that reveal the systems and organizations that make up the past of Kerala. The department has conducted some excavations in the surrounding areas, which unearthed utensils and iron implements from burial sites, which give clues to the hidden stories of a Kerala from a longtime ago.